Yessica Hurtado Martínez






Ever since I can remember I feel ispired by art, culture, languages and music. Among other venues I thrived through expressing in illustrating, photographing and filming. These passions gave me work experience in Mexico, (US) Hawaii and Germany.

I have receved my degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Media Technology from the Deggendorf institute of technology with focus on Media Design in Germany.

Here are the companies I already worked with:

TV Azteca, 1×1 film, oinkfilm ( video productions for Truma, Falke and Völkl), Haleiwa Surfboard Company and Taxco‘s Schmuckdesign.











Spanish (Native), German (Native), English (Advanced), French (Conversational)


Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Lightroom, Audition

3Ds Max, Final cut, WordPress, Word and Excel


tel: 0163 6935987

email: yessicart@outlook.com

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