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Jerry H.

The 8th of November of 2013 the hawaiian citizens demonstrated at the Capitol Building in Honolulu for and against the same-sex marriage. Here is Jerry H., 72 from Honolulu, waving his colorful flags and dancing in the sun for ours to support his rights as a homosexual citizens. He was part of the very first gay pride march of Hawaii back in 1968 and is still active for the rights of homosexuals. 4 days after this demonstration, the marriage equality bill was approved by the State House.







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 Robert D. Kent

Robert D. Kent alias Bob was born in Wisconsin and lives at the moment in Oahu, Hawaii.
1972 Bob dove for the very first time in a scuba class in Okinawa, Japan. When he took the very first breath under water, holding the regulator in his mouth, he knew that this is going to be his destiny. Since than he has been dive instructor for almost 37 years. It is still his passion to teach others how to dive as it is a unique experience to explore the ocean and all the creatures that live down there. Bob has dived in about 12 different countries.











Environmental Portrait  Lon Klein


Lon Klein is the owner of the Haleiwa Surfboard Co. His work consists of architectural designing, construction as well as fine woodworking. At the age of 69 he is still a dedicated surfer and because of this passion his main focus is producing hollow wooden surfboards. Lon is easy going, down to earth and he always smiles. Each board takes about 150 man hours to be produced from start to finish and the fabrication process demands also jigs, machines, fixtures and presses. Lon has a crew that helps him through the process of making a board. In this picture that was taken the 9th of October 2013 in one of the work spaces of his company in Haleiwa, he shows us one of the those wooden blanks that are super strong, yet light enough to be maneuverable in the water. The art pieces he creates are made of exquisite hardwoods like Koa, Mango and Andiroba and truly deserve the description ‚functional art forms.‘











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